Our academic program ensures students are given appropriately challenging material. In our ever-changing environment it is important that we create space for students to think critically, work collaboratively and solve problems creatively.

In our academic approach learning objectives are used to plan and develop units of study, classroom learning centers, enrichment activities, and many other aspects of the environment. We analyze data to adjust lesson execution to best meet the needs of all learners.

To apply 21st century skills of solving problems and presenting work, students regularly use the state-of-the-art Makerspace room, dedicated for STREAM learning: Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math.

Interventions (Title 1)

At St. Henry we take care to make sure that all students are making the progress they should be making. We provide interventions in small groups to support students in closing instructional gaps. Students take assessments periodically to track progress, then after analyzing data as a team, needs are identified which informs our action plan that ensures all students are meeting expectations academically.

Preschool (3-5 Year Olds)

Preschool is a time of great growth and development. Children come in with varying experiences and are given opportunities to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually throughout the day. In addition to day-to-day learning, children participate in fun learning experiences throughout the year. The three through five year old preschool years are full of active learning, singing, dancing, and learning through play. But most importantly, our faith guides our daily interactions and lessons and helps us to become respectful and caring individuals who keep Jesus in our hearts.

Primary (K-2)

St. Henry Catholic School offers solid learning foundation for the first years of formal education starting with Kindergarten through second grade. During these critical developmental years, we offer a nurturing environment to encourage cognitive, emotional, and spiritual growth with grounding in the core subject areas of religion, reading, math, writing, and spelling. Our teachers are Orton-Gillingham trained for basic instruction and use data to inform small group instruction.

Kindergarten is offered as a full day (7:40 am-2:30 pm) or half-day (7:40 am-11 am) program. The kindergarten curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate and child-centered so that the basic skills can be mastered by the early learner.

Intermediate (3-5)

The academic program for intermediate grades at St. Henry Catholic School meets state and Diocesan requirements in the areas of religion, language arts (reading, spelling, writing and English), mathematics, science, social studies, cursive writing, physical education, music/theater, Spanish, and technology. Students work in small groups to solve problems and work collaboratively. Additionally, religious instruction permeates the entire curriculum. St. Henry Catholic School enriches students spiritually by stressing the importance of prayer as the means of communicating with and coming closer to God, thus becoming more connected to Him.

Middle (6-8)

Our rigorous and relevant junior high curriculum positions students for success in higher education and today’s technology rich, global economy. Teachers work in teams to provide an active and challenging learning environment within a faith-based setting. They celebrate the strengths of each student and work closely to help each reach his or her maximum potential.

With a focus on faith, values, and leadership skills in addition to academic excellence, we truly educate the whole child. Students set goals for academic and personal growth and meet regularly with their teachers to monitor progress.