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Crusader Royale



Saturday, March 7, 2020
At Receptions, Erlanger, KY

2020 Crusader Royale

What is the Crusader Royale?

  • The Crusader Royale is one of the biggest fundraisers at SHCS, with profits of over $63,000 made last year and lifetime profits of over $330,000. Wow!
  • The event is an adult casino-themed social that includes:
    Heavy Appetizers  |  Beer & Wine  |  Silent Auction  |  Raffles  |  Wine Grab  |  Traditional Casino Games played with "Cru Cash"  |  Giveaways  |  Late Night favorites like Skyline and Salvadore's*  |  Community Fun
  • New this year:  Cash bar available  |  VIP Happy Hour with Open Bar  |  Additional games like Big Wheel and Liquor Toss*

    *Local favorites and new games listed are subject to change

Who is invited to the Crusader Royale?

  • All Parents  |  Family and Friends of St. Henry Catholic School students
  • Parishioners of St. Henry, St. Barbara, Cristo Rey
  • SHCS Alumni
  • Local Community members and CRU supporters

How do the profits made from the Royale get used?

  • The Crusader Royale commits to giving a minimum of $40k back to the school's Education and Operating Budget each year.
    Examples of how these funds have been used in the past include:
    • Supporting and growing our technology program for students, staff, and administrators
    • Helping provide classroom subscriptions, textbooks, musical instruments and science lab materials
    • Helping to purchase Chromebooks, Chromebook carts, and computer software
    • Supporting teacher training to keep our staff and administration up on the latest technologies, programs and educational opportunities
  • The remainder of the profits are then split between the Crusader Royale account for the following year's startup costs and the PTO account to support future PTO endeavors, needs, and requests from school administration.

What is the All-In Convenience Package?

  • The All-In Convenience Package is a great way to pay up front for all things Crusader Royale. This is not only a convenience for you, but it allows the school to access Royale funds early in the year vs. waiting until after the event in March. The cost is $450 and includes the following:
    • 2 Crusader Royale tickets
    • 20 Grand Raffle tickets  |  Students will receive all the student incentives
    • All-In recognition at the Event
    • Full week out-of-uniform passes for the whole family for the week of March 9th through March 13th
    • 2 tickets to the Adult Brewery Social on September 20th
    • Family tickets to the exclusive All-In Family Halloween Breakfast on October 19th
    • First chance at the opportunity to purchase tickets to the new Royale VIP Happy Hour

Why should I purchase the All-In Convenience Package?

  • You are stepping up to say, "We will!" When we pull our financial resources together, we can introduce new benefits to St. Henry Catholic School that our tuition dollars can't stretch to meet.
  • Your giving immediately becomes available to the school, creating faster value for our students and staff.
  • Access to community events that are thoughtfully planned to promote friendships for students and families.

How can I purchase the All-In Convenience Package?

  • The All-In package will go on sale on Monday, September 9th
  • Due to gaming regulations associated with the Grand Raffle tickets, we now need to collect two separate checks for the All-In Package:
    • One check for $250 made payable to The Crusader Royale
    • One check for $200 made payable to St. Henry Catholic School
  • NEW THIS YEAR - A PAYMENT PLAN:  Since we must collect two checks, you can choose to write both checks at the same time OR make two separate payments. See the payment options outlined below:
    • Option 1 (preferable): Drop both checks to the school office by 9/20. This will allow All-In families free admission to the Adult Brewery Night on 9/20, admission to the exclusive Family Halloween Breakfast on 10/19, plus all other package benefits
    • Option 2:
      • Drop the first $250 check made payable to The Crusader Royale to the school office by 9/20. This will allow All-In families' free admission to the Adult Brewery Night on 9/20 and admission to the exclusive Family Halloween Breakfast on 10/19.
      • Drop the second $200 check made payable to St. Henry Catholic School to the office by 12/2. Once the second check is received, families are eligible for all other package benefits.

How many Grand Raffle tickets does my family have to sell?

  • Each family is expected to sell 20 Grand Raffle tickets at $10/each. This year, Grand Raffle tickets will go home with students on 12/16, right before Christmas break
  • If you purchase the All-In Convenience Package, your family's 20 Grand Raffle tickets are included in the package along with all student incentives.

What incentives are being offered this year for Grand Raffle ticket sales?

  • The big push for Grand Raffle ticket sales will start on 1/6 with the following incentives in place:
    • Student Incentive: 1/6 - 1/24  |  Any student that sells all 20 Grand Raffle tickets gets to participate in duct taping Mr. Wolff to the wall during Catholic Schools Week
    • Classroom Incentive: 1/6 - 2/14  |  Any classroom that has 100% participation (every student sells AT LEAST 1 Grand Raffle ticket) gets to "pie" their teacher in the face at a special assembly. That teacher will also get recess duties covered for one week
    • School Incentive: 1/6 - 3/6  |  If the school sells 2,600 Grand Raffle tickets, all students and staff will be given a day off on Friday, March 20th

What is Classroom Giving?

  • Classroom Giving are grade level donation requests from the Silent Auction committee to gather needed items for baskets, packages and raffles to ensure maximum profits and overall success. If everyone gives a little, the school gains a lot!
  • Classroom Giving will kick-off on February 3rd and all donations can be sent to the office
  • Typically, the breakdown for Grade Level requests are as follows*
    • Pre - K  |  Restaurant Gift Cards
    • Kindergarten  |  Retail Gift Cards
    • Grades 1-2  |  Specific gift basket themed items like a Lottery Basket, Lego Basket, etc. to be determined by the Silent Auction Committee
    • Grades 3-5  |  Monetary donations to help purchase one of the big raffle items/packages for the Royale (last year we offered a Biltmore Weekend Getaway package)
    • Grades 6-8  |  Monetary donations to help purchase one of the big raffle items/packages for the Royale (last year we offered a Hamilton/Chicago weekend package)

      *Grade level requests are subject to change

How can my family or business sponsor the Crusader Royale on a larger level?

  • All school sponsorships have been consolidated into our new collective giving program, the CRU CLUB. This is a wonderful new way to sponsor our school as a whole while still receiving benefits at the Crusader Classic, Lady Crusader Invitational, Crusader Royale, Boosters Golf Outing, school banners and community communications. Please contact Ryann Scott at
Questions? The Crusader Royale is always looking for new volunteers and fresh ideas. Please contact Elaine Stich at with any questions or for more information on how to get plugged in.
9/9   All-In Convenience package on sale
9/20   Adult Brewery Social @ The Woodburn Brewery
9/27   Ladies Swap-N-Shop Night
10/14   Last day to purchase the All-In package to participate in the All-In Family Halloween Breakfast
10/19   All-In Family Halloween Breakfast
11/5   Ladies Craft Social
11/11   Teachers Experiences on sale via the Parent Facebook page at 10am
12/2   Royale event tickets on sale
12/16   Grand Raffle tickets sent home with students
12/19   Early Bird Drawying for those who purchased their Royale event tickets by noon today. Winner gets $350!
1/6   Grand Raffle ticket sales kick-off revealed
2/3   Grade-level donations for the Royale Silent Auction begin
2/18   Out of Uniform Passes on sale. Out of uniform will be the week of 3/9 - 3/13
3/6   Last day to turn in Grand Raffle tickets and achieve overall school goal of an extra day off on 3/20
3/20   Potential day off if Grand Raffle ticket sale goal is met
  (859) 342-2551
(859) 342-2554

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