Full Day Kindergarten meets Monday through Friday, 7:40 am – 2:30 pm.
Half Day Kindergarten meets Monday through Friday, 7:40 – 11:00 am.


St. Henry School Kindergarten follows the Diocese of Covington Curriculum Guidelines. Much of our kindergarten day is spent on reading, math, and religion. In addition to these subjects, science, social studies, music, physical education, computer and art are included in the curriculum.


St. Henry School Kindergarten approaches the subject of reading through a combined effort of phonics and whole language. The alphabet letters and sounds they represent are introduced and practiced. Skills presented are: correct formation of both capital and lowercase letters, letter and sound recognition, beginning, middle and ending sounds of words, and putting sounds together to read and write words. When the alphabet mastery is completed, work is done with sight words and reading. Children are exposed to books containing a controlled vocabulary.


The Scott Foresman Reading Street series is used to teach concepts introduced at the kindergarten level. These concepts include: colors, shapes, sizes, positions, rhyming words, opposites, and sequencing. Themes are used to present concepts and children are exposed to a variety of children’s literature.


The math program includes work in the following skill areas: number recognition and correct formation to 20, counting to 100, patterning, classifying, addition, subtraction, time to the hour, coin recognition and value, shapes and 3-D objects.


The religion program is presented with the help of the Blest Are We religion series. The children are guided through themes centered around the following areas: God creates the universe, God’s love makes me who I am, God gives me people to love, God’s love gives me Jesus, God’s love teaches me to love. We also celebrate the holidays.


Saint Henry School Kindergarten strives to provide a well-balanced program to meet the academic, developmental, social, and emotional needs of the kindergarten age child.


A typical day in kindergarten includes instruction and activities in the following areas:


  • Reading (workbooks are provided)
  • Religion (workbooks are provided)
  • Math (workbooks are provided)
  • Science and Social Studies are taught twice a week using seasonal and unit topics.
  • Physical Education, Music, Library and Computer Lab classes are provided once a week.
  • Special programs and guests speakers are invited to the classroom to fit curriculum and special needs.



Additional Information:


  • Snack time is included during the day. Parents provide a nutritious snack for their own child 
  • Milk may be purchased at school.
  • Kindergarteners are required to wear the school uniform.
  • Kindergarten orientation is held during the first week of school.







  1. Give your child opportunities to do simple tasks around the house.
  2. Provide your child with clothes which are comfortable and which allow self-help. Shoes with rubber soles are best for school.
  3. Encourage good health habits: use of tissues, covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, proper diet, washing hands, playing outdoors when possible, and early bedtime. Discourage putting fingers in nose and mouth.
  4. Encourage your child to be independent in the care of his/her own personal needs and bathroom routines.
  5. Include the child in family conversations whenever possible. Do not talk about or down to your child in his/her presence.
  6. Read and tell stories to your child daily. Limit TV viewing, video games, and computer time.
  7. Notice ways that your child shares, takes turns, listens, and respects others. Give praise for these.
  8. Help your child accept correction as a means of helping him/her and keeping him/her safe, not as a means of hurting feelings.
  9. Help your child become familiar with the alphabet and counting numbers. Provide many opportunities for them to name letters in a game type format. Teach your child the difference between lower case and upper case letters.
  10. Let your child count things for you (steps, socks, forks, spoons, etc).

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