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hall of fame, alumni
2016 Hall of Fame Inductee Genene Sheridan with Principal Sue Greis.

Each year we recognize someone who has made significant contributions to St. Henry School.  This year we would like to recognize someone who was both an employee and volunteer.  I am sure you recognize her name, Genene Sheridan.

Mrs. Sheridan is so well known around here that I often wonder if we should call this parish St. Genene instead of St. Henry.  Many years ago, Mrs. Sheridan began her time here as a volunteer in the school office.  She did such an awesome job that Mr. Gessner hired her on full time as the school secretary.  Over  33 years, not only did she manage the office, but she also took on much more than that.  Genene could often be found scrubbing and polishing the cafeteria floors.  She took care of renting the hall to people, and then cleaned up after them.

As the years went on, Genene could be found working the summer festival, taking care of beer carts at Xavier University basketball games, helping with bingos, working the door at the annual basketball tournaments and of course playing a vital role in our annual school fundraiser.  Anytime there was a chance to raise money for our school or make the school the better, Genene was there.  I am sure many of you remember Genene standing outside in the mornings to greet the children in the car line.  And how many of you can name the various costumes she wore while doing so.   She didn’t have to be that involved.  She could have worked 8 hours in the school office and then go home.  Instead, Genene would arrived at work at 5:30 in the morning and often stay until 5 p.m.   She put her heart into everything she did.  She wanted things to be done right.  Mr. Sheridan told me that he couldn’t get her to come home.  He said that the kids of the school were her life and the love she had for the school was what made her work so hard.

Genene missed very few days of work.  Her dedication and loyalty to the school are very difficult to match.  Genene knew everything there was to know about St. Henry School.  She is one of the hardest workers that I have ever met.  If I listed everything she has ever done for St. Henry School, we would be here well past the next mass.  So instead, I will just say thank you to this hard working, fun loving lady who is likely St. Henry School’s number one fan.   There is nobody I can think of that deserves this award more than you, Genene.  So at this time I would like to present the 2016 St. Henry School Hall of Fame award to Mrs. Genene Sheridan.  

hall of fame, alumni

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